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Vendor’s are paid 100% of Invoice, prior to delivery.  

Your customers can apply within minutes and be funded the same day, in a few hours!

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625 FICO Score for

businesses > 2 Years+

650 FICO Score for

Business less than 2 Years


Advance Payment

None  $5k to $27.5k

Above $27.01  requires 1 ACH 1st month Payment

Rates Tier Credit System Based  On Applicant’s Credit- LOW RATES!


  • Electronic Agreement
  • Generated By Suppliers
  • Invoice


 Terms 24 to 60 Months on

$5,000. – $50,000.

The main requirements to qualify for 4HourFundingis a 625 FICO score with 2 years in business or for new businesses- a 650 FICO and experience in the industry. $5,000 to $27,500 $27,501 to $35,000 $35,001 to $50,000
Bank Statements Not Required Not Required Last 3 Months
Min. Payments to Start Contract None – $0 One (1) ACH Payment One (1) ACH Payment1st and last months
Maximum Pre-Funding 100% Standard 100% Standard 50% Standard (100% by special request)
Delivery Verification Not Needed Not Needed Inspection Required (included in doc fee)